Soap in Danube Opera

Technical data
70 min, video
Photographs from the film
Photographs from shooting

Villagers of Kovilj grow cattle on the Danube islands. Marko, an owner of ten horses, around twenty cows and other cattle is a good friend with a Roma named Kamer, who helps him sell the cattle at local fairs. Željko, a young horse breeder leads the villagers when they try to save the cattle in the spring of 2006 from the big flood. An attractive waitress Ana rivets attention of the young men from Kovilj. Life and work close to the Danube connect the Roma people and the locals, and together they show up at the village gatherings (birthdays, patron saint’s days). After unsuccessful emotional relationships, Ana and a couple of her friends decide to leave the village and seek happiness on the other bank of the Danube.

Note: During 2006, “Terra Film” was one of the partners in the international art project “Cuba: Journey Against the Current” (the main producer was the Austrian foundation Thyssen-Bornemisza Art Contemporary). Twenty people took part in the video-workshop that lasted three months and resulted in a docudrama “Danube Soap-opera”.


Concept, artistic direction and mentoring of video workshop: Želimir Žilnik
Associates and participants of video workshop: Ljilja Dinić, Sofija Petaković, Zdravko Pranjić, Ljubiša Astepanović, Muhamed Eljšani, Vitomir Pucar, Salji Hasani, Zoran Borovac, Fjurim Eljšani, Vladimir Savčić, Aljuš Heljšani, Muhamed Maroti, Bojan Grčić, Senad Mutapi, Milan Janić
Edited by: Branislav Klašnja, Marin Malešević

Cast: Marko Zličić, Ana Tenji, Željko Kapicl, Kamer Hasani

Produced by: Terra film, Novi Sad