Vera and Eržika

Technical data
75 min, 16 mm, color
Photographs from the film
Photographs from shooting

The two heroines of the film, Vera and Eržika, have been working for “Trudbenik” textile factory in Pančevo since they were thirteen. Now that they are almost retired they face numerous problems and misunderstandings. According to the decisions of the newly adopted Law on pension, only work from the age of fifteen is recognized. In order for the two of them to go to retirement they formally need two more years to work. Starting from this problem as the source of the dramatic conflict, the film represents emotional states of the heroines, their families, relationships with their colleagues, a spectrum of moods and thoughts of people who have come to the end of their working age.


Written and directed by: Želimir Žilnik
Camera: Arpad Nemet
Edited by: Margita Nemet
Cast: Vera Miladinović, Erzebet Jakab

Production: TV Novi Sad