Our Man in Gabon

Technical data
66 min, HD

A documentary reminder of works on the construction of the Gabonese capital - Libreville and building of highway through the rainforest, in the years when Yugoslav companies were the bearer of modernization in African countries, just released from colonial powers.

The film shows still functional settlements and facilities - from the Assembly Building, government complex, television and hospital buildings, to infrastructure.
Narrator Momčilo Radunović, an experienced entrepreneur and businessman with 30 years of experience in managing big state-owned companies, remained in Gabon after the break-up of Yugoslavia. In the film, he evokes memories of former successes and co-operation from the times of non-alignment. He gives precise analyzes and explanations of today's trends, and the appearance of neo-colonialism.


Written and directed by: Želimir Žilnik
Cinematography: Miodrag Milošević
Edited by: Vuk Vukmirović
Assistant director: Luka Popadić
Sound: Filip Vlatković
Producer: Želimir Žilnik

Production: Žilnik produkcija, Sremska Kamenica

Photographs from the film
Photographs from shooting