Brooklyn - Gusinje

Technical data
85 min, 16 mm, color
Photographs from the film

A young seamstress, Ivana quits her job in a sweatshop in Novi Pazar and accepts an offer to become a waitress in a joint privately owned by Mr. Šećo in Gusinje, a Montenegrin village at the Yugoslav-Albanian border. She meets the head waitress and the two become friends soon, and live together. Brothers Skelzen and Becir come to Gusinje from New York on a holiday, they meet the waitresses and a romance ensues. We watch the meeting of Serbian and Albanian cultures, languages, customs and family traditions in the fascinating mountainous landscape. The men promise the girls marriage and life in America. There are numerous obstacles in the realisation of the plan and the brothers return to New York alone.


Written and directed by: Želimir Žilnik
Camera: Dragoljub Mančić
Edited by: Vladimir Milenković
Sound: Ratko Kušić

Cast: Ivana Žigon, Lidija Stevanović, Skelzen Uljević, Bećir Uljević, Šećo Šabović

Production: TV Beograd